3 proven tips to sleep better

A good nights sleep is vital for anyone looking to lead a heathly lifestyle. Whether you’re competing in sports, got an upcoming interview or simply have a long day ahead of you, they say sleep is the number 1 performance enhancer. And it’s free!!

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We all live busy lives but it’s important to recognise the long and short term health benefits of high quality regular sleep.

As well as buying the best mattress for you, here are 3 tips to help you get a better nights sleep.

1. Increase light daytime light exposure

Daily sunlight or artificial bright light can improve sleep quality and duration, especially if you have severe sleep issues or insomnia.

Now this is difficult to achieve in the winter months, when it seems like there’s no sunlight outside, however taking regular breaks and ensuring you head outside (not just for sunlight but also fresh air) can dramtically improve your night time sleep.

Our bodies have a natural time keeping clock and increasing the levels of bright light during the day, let’s your body know when its night and therefore time to sleep.

Several studies have shown this to be effective, with one showing an 83% increase in sleep quality and duration.

If sunlight his difficult to come by for you, invest in artificial bright light device or bulbs.

2. Optimise your bedroom environment

Whilst sunlight is somewhat out of your control, improving and optimising your bedroom environment is very much within your control.

Factors include temperature, noise, light and arrangement of furniture. The main factor to consider here is noise and several studies have shown external noise to reduce sleep quality, which then become long term health issues if not resolved.

Of course, it’s not just external noises which will affect your sleep quality, sounds from your clock or other devices can also disrupt your sleep.

Light is another one that should not be taken lightly, if you excuse the pun!

As you will have seen in the 1st tip, the number 1 way to let your body know it’s time for bed is darkness. This can be achieved by purchasing thick blackout curtains which help reduce external light and can also keep the cold out, controlling the temperature.

And of course, the best mattresses will also optimise your bedroom environment.

3. Don’t eat late in the evening

We all enjoy a late night snack, whether it’s a big meal which makes us feel sleepy or some biscuits for that last tea of the day.

Several studies have shown this is a bad idea if you want a good nights sleep, with one study showing improved sleep in those who had a carb heavy meal 4 hours before bedtime. That’ll give you a good guide of when to eat your last meal of the day!

The reason late night eating disrupts sleep is the natural release of HGH and melatonin which are vital to help with the sleep cycle.

We hope these 3 tips make a difference and help you achieve a higher quality and longer sleep.


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